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When attending court, judgement can only be made using the evidence available. If this is insufficient, those making the claims can find themselves left with nothing but legal fees. Although many will turn to the police in the event of a crime, limited resources could mean that the investigation isn’t going as quickly as you’d like.

Larger numbers of people are turning to Private Investigation firms such as MBI to gain the evidence they need. Utilising our expertise means you are getting the highest quality results in the most efficient time-scale possible, whilst ensuring you are fully informed on the legal boundaries so that you are always protected and your evidence is admissible in court.

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Why use surveillance?

Our highly-trained surveillance operatives can discreetly gain photographic and video evidence of a person’s activity and behaviour. Where it can be incredibly difficult to gain this evidence yourself due to risk of being sighted by the person you are following, our team can ensure all evidence is gained with covert tactics so as not to alert the subject.

Surveillance is useful for a range of cases. Our teams are equipped with specialist vehicles and equipment to allow them to gain not only photographic and video evidence, but also audio where necessary. Once the surveillance operation is complete, all evidence gained will be compiled in a court-admissible report.


Gain evidence of a person engaging in illegal activity or undesirable behaviour. Most common cases include drug-related activity and theft.


Fraud investigations

Evidence that someone is engaging in fraudulent activity for personal gain. Most common cases include: work claims for an injury that has not been sustained; claiming unemployment when a person is working; investigating a person’s physical assets such as vehicles when they are not disclosing these in a court-case.


Physical evidence to support you in court. Most common cases include: evidence that a spouse is now living with someone else whilst claiming financial support; evidence of undesirable activity for child custody battles; evidence of infidelity.


Discover if your partner may be involved with someone else. Surveillance can allow us to monitor their activity, behaviour, and interactions during suspicious times to gain physical evidence.

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They were amazing, 100% would use again but obviously gutted about finding out the truth, but my gut instinct was right. We got too the truth, you have to be prepared for any outcome when you go down this path. Good luck and hope you never need to do this



Outstanding service! Matt was very professional and I was kept up to date continuously. Price was really reasonable and would definitely use this service again!



Simple, honest and effective investigation.

There are probably a lot of scammers out there but Matt and his team were professional and dealt with my issue in a sensitive manner. Not once was I pressured into anything, I felt completely relaxed and confident throughout the process.



Really happy with the service I received from the team. Great response rate, incredibly efficient and always delivered as promised. Thank you for all your help and taking a huge weight off my shoulders!

Sally McPherson

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